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Scientists Agree: Positive People Live Longer!

By Davita

It is now an agreed upon Fact no sane person would argue with: Positive People Live Longer, Happier, Healthier Lives.

Things just tend to turn out the way they want, and Grander Results are achieved in anything they put their minds to.

A truly infinite amount of research that this World has generated to this point proves very clearly that by being in a Good Mood and staying Positive we can alter our Shared Reality and even change the chemical composition of our bodies. Continue reading...


Today’s Media around the World concentrates mostly on negative events, on an infinite multitude of all kinds of evil crap that makes us feel bad, down and miserable…
But do we really need those negative emotions, feelings and thoughts in our lives?
I bet Ya’ll know the right answer!

Quite Simple:
“Bad News” equals Bad Mood
“Good News” means Good Mood

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Unleash Your Inner Reporter Anytime: Write Your own Good Article or just grab your camera and a bunch of friends, go out, and have fun shooting positive happenings and events to make our shared Reality a bit more Positive, one Good Story at a time.

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